PUBLICATIONS from the Maillard Lab

Kornev AP, Weng JH, Maillard RATaylor SS. (2024) Gauging Dynamics-driven Allostery Using a New Computational Tool: A CAP Case Study. Journal of Molecular Biology. 436 (2): 168395

Foroutannejad S, Good LL, Lin C, Carter ZI, Tadesse MG, Lucius AL, Crane BR, Maillard RA. (2023) The cofactor-dependent folding mechanism of Drosophila cryptochrome revealed by single-molecule pulling experiments. Nat Commun 14, 1057

Bai L, Malmosi M, Good LL, Maillard RA. (2022) Using Optical Tweezers to Monitor Allosteric Signals Through Changes in Folding Energy Landscapes. Methods Mol Biol. 2478: 483-510

Hao Y, Maillard RA. (2022) Using Optical Tweezers to Dissect Allosteric Communication Networks in Protein KinasesMethods Mol Biol. 2394: 485-498

Gárate F, Dokas S, Lanfranco M, Canavan C, Wang I, Correia JJ, Maillard RA. (2021) cAMP is an allosteric modulator of DNA binding-specificity in cAMP receptor protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. J Biol Chem. 296: 100480

Rivera, M., Hao, Y., Maillard RA.*, Baez M.* (2020) Mechanical unfolding of a knotted protein unveils the kinetic and thermodynamic consequences of threading a polypeptide. Sci Rep 10, 9562

*Co-corresponding authors

Hao Y, England JP, Bellucci L, Paci E, Hodges HC, Taylor SS, Maillard RA. (2019) Activation of PKA via asymmetric allosteric coupling of structurally conserved cyclic nucleotide binding domains. Nat Commun 10, 3984

England JP, Hao Y, Bai L, Glick V, Hodges HC, Taylor SS, Maillard RA. (2018) Switching of the folding- energy landscape governs the allosteric activation of protein kinase A. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 115 (32): E7478-E7485

Hao Y, Canavan C, Taylor SS, Maillard RA. (2017) Integrated Method to Attach DNA Handles and Functionally Select Proteins to Study Folding and Protein-Ligand Interactions with Optical Tweezers.  Scientific Reports 7 (1): 10843

Selected Editor’s Choice on Optical Trapping and Manipulation (link here)

Lanfranco MF, Gárate F, Engdahl AJ, Maillard RA. (2017) Asymmetric configurations in a reengineered homodimer reveal multiple subunit communication pathways in protein allostery. J Biol Chem. 292 (15): 6086-6093

Selected Editor’s Pick, Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Awardee (links here and here) and highlighted in F1000

Maillard RA*, Liu T, Beasley DW, Barrett AD, Hilser V. and Lee JC*. (2014) Thermodynamic Mechanism for the Resistance to Antibody Neutralization in Flaviviruses. JACS (136): 10315-10324

* Co-corresponding authors

PUBLICATIONS in Single Molecule Biophysics (as a postdoc)

Bustamante CJ, Kaiser CM, Maillard RA, Goldman DH, Wilson CA. (2014) Mechanisms of cellular proteostasis: insights from single-molecule approaches. Annu Rev Biophys 43: 119-40

Sen M*, Maillard RA*, Nyquist K*, Rodriguez-Aliaga P, Pressé S, Martin A, Bustamante C. (2013) The ClpXP protease unfolds substrates using a constant rate of pulling but different gears. Cell 155 (3): 636-646

* Authors contributed equally to this work.

Maillard RA, Chistol G, Sen M, Righini M, Tan J, Kaiser CM, Hodges C, Martin A, Bustamante C. (2011) ClpX(P) generates mechanical force to unfold and translocate its protein substrates. Cell 29 (3): 459-469

PUBLICATIONS in Protein Allostery (as a graduate student)

Yu S, Maillard RA, Gibenko AV, Lee JC. (2012) The N-terminal capping propensities of the D-helix modulate the allosteric activation of the Escherichia coli cAMP receptor protein. J. Biol. Chem. 287 (47): 39402-39411

Zhang S, Evgeniy I, Maillard R, Gromowski G, Volk D, Schein C, Huang C, Gorenstein D, Lee JC, Barrett AD, Beasley DW. (2010) Role of BC loop residues in structure, function and antigenicity of the West Nile virus envelope protein receptor-binding domain III. Virology 403 (1): 85-91

Maillard RA, Jordan M, Beasley DW, Barrett AD, Lee JC. (2008) Long range communication in the envelope protein domain III and its effect on the resistance of West Nile virus to antibody-mediated neutralization. J. Biol. Chem. 283 (1): 613-622

Galletto R, Maillard R, Jezewska MJ and Bujalowski W. (2004) Global conformation of the Escherichia coli replication factor DnaC protein in absence and presence of nucleotide cofactors. Biochemistry 43 (34): 10988-11001

Galletto R, Jezewska MJ, Maillard R and Bujalowski W. (2005) The nucleotide-binding site of the Escherichia coli DnaC protein: molecular topography of DnaC protein-nucleotide cofactor complexes. Cell Biochemistry and Biophysics 43 (3): 331-353

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