We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in single molecule biophysics, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Rodrigo A. Maillard

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor in Chemistry

PhD student
Chemistry sd1136@georgetown.edu

PhD student
Chemistry mm4639@georgetown.edu

Sanuja Mohanaraj

PhD student
Chemistry dsm95@georgetown.edu

Andrew Hoy

PhD student
Chemistry arh146@georgetown.edu

Louise Djapgne, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow in
Biophysics ld822@georgetown.edu

Dominic Pham

Undergraduate student
Biochemistry dmp144@georgetown.edu

Undergraduate student Biochemistry asp115@georgetown.edu

Kendall Flaharty

Undergraduate student Biochemistry kf575@georgetown.edu

Miray Samuel

Undergraduate Student Biochemistry mes432@georgetown.edu


Amy ChauPhD student
Field application scientist, Refeyn Inc.
Lihui BaiPhD student
Science Advisor for IP Litigation, Goodwin Procter
Florencia GonzalezVisiting scientist
Spring 2022
Postdoc, CONICET
Payton ParrisUndergraduate researcher 2020-2021Biology, Georgetown University
Lydia GoodUndergraduate researcher 2016-2020Master Program in Physics at University of Cambridge
Kyle TaylorUndergraduate researcher 2018-2020Postbac researcher at NIH
Jade BowmanVisiting Undergraduate student Spring 2020Master’s student in Forensic Science at George Mason University
Sahar ForoutannejadPhD student
Postdoc, NCI
Yuxin HaoPhD student
Postdoc, Harvard University
Jenny EnglandPhD student
Scientist III, Thermo Fischer
Clare CanavanUndergraduate researcher 2014-18
PhD student, Harvard University
Virginia GlickUndergraduate researcher 2016-18
PhD student, Harvard University
Maria Fe LanfrancoPostdoc - 2014 & 2015
Research Scientist, Georgetown Medical School
Fernanda GaratePostdoc - 2015 & 2016
Research Scientist, Universidad de Chile
Maira RiveraVisiting PhD Student - Winter 2017Universidad de Chile
Luke PowersUndergraduate student - 2017Biology, Georgetown University
Ava JundanianVisiting high school student - Summer 2016
Holton Arms in Bethesda MD
Irina WangUndergraduate research assistant - 2014-2016
Chemistry Department at Georgetown University
Michael PapazianUndergraduate research assistant - Fall 2015- Spring 2016
Biology Department at Georgetown University
Matthew ParkUndergraduate research assistant - Fall 2015- Spring 2016
Biological Physics major, Georgetown University
Breona JonesVisiting high school student - Fall 2015
McKinley Technology High school in Washington DC
Stephanie SojdaREU student - Summer 2015
Undergraduate at State University of New York College, Geneseo
Xiang JiangREU student - Summer 2015
University of Hong Kong; Graduate student in Chemical Biology
Ashton EngdahlREU student - Summer 2014
MD Candidate at University of Maryland School of Medicine
Kaitlyn MarshVisiting high school student - Summer 2014
McKinley Technology High school in Washington DC

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