We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in single molecule biophysics, biochemistry and molecular biology.

Rodrigo A. Maillard

Principal Investigator
Assistant Professor in Chemistry

PhD student
Chemistry lb1082@georgetown.edu

PhD student
Chemistry ac1601@georgetown.edu

Stephen Dokas

PhD student
Chemistry sd1136@georgetown.edu

Mira Malmosi

PhD student
Chemistry mm4639@georgetown.edu

Sanuja Mohanaraj

PhD student
Chemistry dsm95@georgetown.edu

Lydia Good

Undergraduate student Biochemistry llg39@georgetown.edu

Undergraduate student Biochemistry kab368@georgetown.edu

Payton Parris

Undergraduate student Biochemistry pep40@georgetown.edu

Louise Djapgne, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow ld822@georgetown.edu


Kyle TaylorUndergraduate researcher 2018-2020Postbac researcher at NIH
Jade BowmanVisiting Undergraduate student Spring 2020Master’s student in Forensic Science at George Mason University
Sahar ForoutannejadPhD student 2015-20Postdoc, NCI
Yuxin HaoPhD student 2013-19
Postdoc, Harvard University
Jenny EnglandPhD student 2013-18Scientist III, Thermo Fischer
Clare CanavanUndergraduate researcher 2014-18
PhD student, Harvard University
Virginia GlickUndergraduate researcher 2016-18
Researcher, National Zoo-DC
Maria Fe LanfrancoPostdoc - 2014 & 2015
Research Scientist, Georgetown Medical School
Fernanda GaratePostdoc - 2015 & 2016
Research Scientist, Universidad de Chile
Maira RiveraVisiting PhD Student - Winter 2017Universidad de Chile
Luke PowersUndergraduate student - 2017Biology, Georgetown University
Ava JundanianVisiting high school student - Summer 2016
Holton Arms in Bethesda MD
Irina WangUndergraduate research assistant - 2014-2016
Chemistry Department at Georgetown University
Michael PapazianUndergraduate research assistant - Fall 2015- Spring 2016
Biology Department at Georgetown University
Matthew ParkUndergraduate research assistant - Fall 2015- Spring 2016
Biological Physics major, Georgetown University
Breona JonesVisiting high school student - Fall 2015
McKinley Technology High school in Washington DC
Stephanie SojdaREU student - Summer 2015
Undergraduate at State University of New York College, Geneseo
Xiang JiangREU student - Summer 2015
University of Hong Kong; Graduate student in Chemical Biology
Ashton EngdahlREU student - Summer 2014
MD Candidate at University of Maryland School of Medicine
Kaitlyn MarshVisiting high school student - Summer 2014
McKinley Technology High school in Washington DC

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